Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Buy Weed in Hanoi - Find Marijuana in Hanoi

Hi I am Ralph Whizman. As Stoners, i know travel is part of our life. But bring weed to other country is too risky to try. Because Stoners solve problem, not hiding from it, so with this blog hanoistoners.blogspot.com i bring a solution to you, a Stoners in Hanoi.

Where to buy Marijuana in Hanoi?

Vietnam is developing and Weed, Marijuana, Pot, Cannabis,... whatever you call is part of it. But it's easier for a Vietnamese guy to buy marijuana in Hanoi. As an oversea-guy, you don't know where to ask, where to buy. Even Local Weed (Landraces strain) is hard to find. This is not the year that you can come to Xe Om or Taxi Driver to ask for weed. When you search Google, nothing helpful.. except this.

Hanoistoners.blogspot.com is created by a stoner in Hanoi. I was born and live in Hanoi. I know exactly how the system work. How Stoners was arrested, how officers find dealers, more and more. So buy weed from me, you won't worry about law, officers etc. 

Never overcharge - #1 where to find Weed in Hanoi

If you go to public and ask for weed, sometimes you can buy it but you can be overcharged for sure. I had not overcharged and will not. I sell to you, Stoners from oversea equal to Vietnamese Stoners. So dont worry about price!

Local Vietnamese Weed - Original Weed 70s NOT AVAIABLE AT THE MOMENT

If you guys are in the end of the trip and want some cheap weed, this Local Vietnamese Weed is what you need.

This is an indigenous cannabis strain, not cross-breeding. Therefore, it is similar to marijuana from the 70s. It tastes bad, smell bad but the most important thing is IT STILL MAKE YOU HIGH AND WITH THIS CHEAP PRICE? FUCKING WORTH IT!!

300.000 VND (~$13) for pack 5 grams Local Vietnamese Weed.

Decent/Good quality Weed AVAIABLE

But if you are a long time smoker or just have enough money and want to try the good stuff. What you need is US Strain grow by Vietnamese.

It is better than Local Vietnamese Weed because the seed (strain) comes from US, Canada,... It has been cross-breeding in many generation make the product so much better.

Vietnamese grower uses Organic Nutrient so the final product will have nature smell, nature taste, nature look. It is ALL NATURE! You will not regret with every penny you spend!

400.000 VND (~$17) for 1 gram Good Weed (US Cannabis strain grow by Vietnamese, THC contains 10-15%)

Become a customer from me you have chance to buy weed with free shipping. No matter where you live in Central Hanoi, i will delivery goods to you.

Only one method to contact me is using Snapchat, and please dont talk shit to me! Friendly Stoners? Welcome! Don't be a dickhead 👌

Sorry not available at the moment, come back later (MAYbe)